About Tom




Tom Costo is a small time crook from a small country Slovenia, based somewhere in Europe, but who really knows where the F this F-ing country with this small time Tom is. His speciality is stealing moments in life, puting them in words and selling them to big fish worldwide. If you`re a big fish, scroll down, don`t waste your precious time on reading the full description. You know, what you came here for.

Tom is destined to be big, althought he looks small, especially on the nude beach. He`s going to be big as you, you big fish you. Are you still reading this? Go on, scroll down.

You can joke as much as you want, but Tom is something special. We could compare him to something unimportant, like a tissue on a table in a expensive french restaurant. But we all know, that the tissue can become famous, once a famous qoute or a drawing of a let`s say opera house is dribbled on it. For now, he managed to put out four extremely popular novels in his home country and one English novel, which is soon to be published – thanks to you..

We, Tom`s imaginary friends hope, that you, a big time book agent and an improtant player in the book publishing world, could help this special, one of a kind author. You have to understand, we are doing our best, to make him look good, so we can give him away. He is a great man, but watching him in the middle of the night, as he conquer chapter after chapter and then in the morning, as he reads the »You`re not the right for us,« messages, gets to you. Thank you for making it happen for him!

Let`s commit big crimes together and put some words on a paper!


Tom Costo